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XXL Products Work Group (AKXXL)

Large-scale products, such as aircraft parts or rotor blades of wind turbines are becoming increasingly important in production technology. But the making of these XXL products today often still resembles more traditional manufacturing processes. To make production more effective and resource-efficient, the technologies need to be developed in the area of production.

IPH created the XXL Products Work Group in order to provide companies with a forum. If you are interested in participating, please do not hesitate to contact us at akxxl@iph-hannover.de.

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What are XXL products?


A large scale product is a product by which man encounters his technical, organizational and economic limits with the methods and tools available at the time of observation, in the context of product creation. Significant for large scale products is a disproportionate increase in effort, e.g. construction, manufacturing or transport, for the augmentation of a characteristic feature of the product.


distinction between conventional products and large scale products

Distinction between conventional products and large scale products.


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